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Club Achievements & History of Activities


  • Presidents:
    • Merv Ericson - Appointed President (July 19 - Oct 18)
    • Kehela Vandenberg - Acting President (Oct 18 - Jan 19)
    • Gordon Pyke - newly Appointed President (Jan 19 - June 19) 
  • Les Marton appointed the District Chair for the Rotary Youth Leadership Award 
  • Kehela Vandenberg appointed an Assistant Governor for 2019-20 and 2020-21
  • Held our fourth International Women's Day Business Breakfast
  • Held our 12th ANZAC Day School's Service
  • Assisted Radio Lollipop at the Monash Hospital to secure funding through the Pinewood Bendigo Bank Community Pitch Night in addition to the Club providing in-kind and financial donations
  • Continued to collect used stamps for EndTrochoma 2020


  • President: Kehela Vandenberg
  • Awarded a Presidential Citation
  • District Recognitions for 'Club Projects' and  'Club PR and Communications'
  • Provided in-kind and/or financial donations to over 20 organisations
  • Sponsored youth participants for RYLA, RYPEN and NYSF.
  • Funded an ECG Machine for Casey Hospital, Monash Health
  • Held our first Young Professionals Insight & Skills Seminar Series 
  • Held our third International Women's Day Business Breakfast
  • Held our 11th ANZAC Day School's Service under the new leadership of Trish Carr since its conception 
  • Continued to provided and present the annual ‘Pride of Workmanship Award’ to a Waverley Industries employee
  • Assisted Radio Lollipop at the Monash Hospital to secure funding through the Pinewood Bendigo Bank Community Pitch Night in addition to the Club providing in-kind and financial donations
  • Collected used stamps for EndTrochoma 2020
  • Conducted a Community Needs Assessment in the City of Monash area
  • Planted trees as part of the Rotary International Sustainable Communities Tree Planting initiative
  • PDG Merv Ericson acted as a Rotary International President's Personal Representative to a District in the Philippines 
  • Inducted five new members and two returning members
  • Recipient of two District Grants and a Victoria Remembers Minor Grant
  • Launch of our Meetups page


  • President: Les Marton
  • District Recognition for 'Club PR and Communications'
  • First duel Rotaract-Rotary member for the Club and District
  • Held our second International Women's Day Business Breakfast
  • Held our 10th ANZAC Day School's Service under the leadership for the final time of John Hocking
  • Continued to provided and present the annual ‘Pride of Workmanship Award’ to a Waverley Industries employee
  • Assisted with the Gazelle Holland Festival, Berwick
  • Inaugural new member cocktail party 

2015 - 2016

  • President: Craig Kendall
  • Launch of our new website
  • Inaugural International Women's Day Breakfast 
  • Held our 9th ANZAC Day School's Service

2014 - 2015

  • President: Sandra Pyke
  • Awarded a Presidential Citation
  • Launch of our Facebook Page
  • Held our 8th ANZAC Day School's Service

2011 - 2014

  • 2013-2014 President: Gordon Pyke
  • Held our 7th ANZAC Day School's Service
  • 2012-2013 President: Alan Bamford
  • Held our 7th ANZAC Day School's Service
  • 2011-2012 President: John Sgroi
  • Held our 6th ANZAC Day School's Service
  • Provided “Books in Schools”at Clayton North Primary.
  • Provided breakfast in Schools.
  • Home hosted an Ambassadorial Student from Korea.
  • Supported National Youth Science Forum with a number of successful candidates over a number of years.
  • Provided Agricultural Scholarships at Longerenong College -12 issued since 2008.
  • Have assisted with Vic Police related projects to assist youth in need, including Newstart Berengarra.
  • Continue to hold our very successful ANZAC Day ceremony for schools annually.
  • Have regularly contributed to disaster relief especially Shelterbox and Typhoon Hyun.
  • Actively involved in “Days for Girls”program.
  • Carried out the annual Bowel Scan project.
  • Assisted in formation of “Monash Rotaract.”
  • Attend regular cluster events, such as Community Days at Steam Park, Youth Service Cluster events, Foundation Events.
  • Consistent contributors to Polio Plus program.
  • Regular number of Centurion members in the club.
  • 2013-2014 District Governor was  club member, Merv Ericson, the Club’s first District Governor.

2010 - 2011

  • President: Andrea Olsson
  • Established the annual provision of a ‘Pride of Workmanship Award’ to a Waverley Industries employee
  • Changed venues from the Police Academy to Bruce County Motel
  • Sponsored two teams to attend MUNA, one from Brentwood Secondary College and one from Wesley College. MUNA was held on 28th and 29th April 2012.
  • Sponsored one RYLA candidate.
  • Sponsored one NSYF candidate from the Sir John Monash Science School.
  • Sponsored two Camp Awakening candidates.
  • We held a BBQ at the Police Academy in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Clayton We catered for over 5,000 prospective police recruits who attended an information and training day at the Police Academy.
  • We contributed $800 to Disaster Aid Australia
  • We provided funds towards Agricultural Scholarships at Longerenong College
  • Held our 5th ANZAC Day School's Service
  • Carried out the annual Bowel Scan project
  • Continued success with conduct of Monash Farmers Market at Monash University
  • We held a Lunch and movie afternoon as a social event

2009 - 2010

  • President: Fred Pearce
  • Awarded Presidential Citation.
  • Continued the Anzac Day Programme with 43 schools and 850 students and staff participating.
  • Supported the Rural relief project around Nathalia.
  • Established the Combined Probus Club of Notting Hill.
  • Supported Voung Cheng to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Award Program.
  • Pride of Workmanship award to worker with disability from Waverley Industries.
  • Participated as the support club for ROMAC patient, Joyce.
  • Signed off on the water capture project at Uluru orphanage in Chennai.
  • Sponsored Nick Silagy and Byron Tabet (Wesley) to attend the Model United Nations Assembly. They represented China and were selected as winners and competed in Canberra for the National finals.
  • Negotiations commenced to conduct a Farmers Market at Monash University. First market held 23rd October 2010 was a terrific success.

2008 - 2009

  • President: Tom Flintoff.
  • Established Agricultural Scholarships at Longerenong College.
  • Construction continued on the water capture project at Uluru orphanage in Chennai, India.

2007 - 2008

  • President: Ian Donald.
  • Adopted the RI Club Leadership Plan Model.
  • The Australian Rotary Agricultural Scholarship Trust was launched, overseen by Graham Shaw.
  • Held our first Schools Anzac Service, coordinated by John Hocking.
  • Ian and Joy Donald entered the Rotary bike ride to Conference and raised $1450 for ARHRF.
  • Supported City of Monash Mayor's Charity Golf Day.
  • Sponsored a candidate to attend the National Youth Science Forum.
  • Sponsored two year 9 students to attend the Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment. 
  • Sponsored a candidate to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Award Program.
  • Club Member Merv Ericson acted as Team Leader for the District's Group Study Exchange Team to London.
  • Construction began on the water capture project at the Uluru Children's Home in Tamil Nadu, Chennai, India. 
  • Contributions made to Operation Cleft.
  • Founding towards two Shelter Boxes.
  • Photography Course/s offered with 206 students undertaking one or more courses. 

2006 - 2007

  • President: John Hocking
  • Supported City of Monash Mayor's Charity Golf Day, which the Mayor donated to Winaccom Association who provide support for intellectually disabled persons in the City of Monash.
  • Uluru Children's Home (in India) Matching Grant was completed. Budget $50,000.
  • Group Study Exchange was successful in nominating two candidates for Team Members (Jackie Sketcher and Brett Speed).  Club member Merv Ericson selected as Team Leader for the Team visiting London - the club’s first Group Study Exchange Team Leader.
  • John & Jan Smith entered the bike ride to Conference and raised $2000 for ARHRF.
  • Jacqueline Fraser was successful as a candidate to The National Youth Science Forum in Canberra.
  • Club members collected $42,000 in goods for the residents of Nathalia. Distribution by the local CWA members.
  • Cluster meetings held and attended by Cluster Presidents and partners.
  • Club Members attended the District Assembly, District Conference, Pets Seminar, 24 Hour Rotary Awareness Meeting and our normal joint meeting with Mt Waverley Club in January. Our Club also had representatives at the Australia Day Dinner, RI PE Wilf Wilkinson Dinner and ARHRF Seminar.

2005 - 2006

  • President: Gordon Pyke
  • Supported Operation Cleft.
  • Supported Shelterbox for purchase of box for use in Pakistan following earthquake.
  • Ongoing process of obtaining matching grant for installation of water tanks in South India orphanage.
  • Another successful Group Study Exchange participant in Craig Sketcher.
  • Four students sponsored to Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment.
  • National Youth Science Forum – our first ever successful student attended 2006.
  • Graham Shaw participated in Commonwealth Games baton run.

2004 - 2005

  • President: Jeff Mills
  • Donated to the Tsunami Appeal.
  • Supported Mount View Primary School with a Braille Computer for blind children attending the school.
  • Provided $2,000 for specialised lighting in the Police Chapel.
  • Our Club nominated Sean Stratton to the Group Study Exchange Team going to Iowa and he was successful.
  • Assisted in looking after the Group Study Exchange Team from Iowa whilst visiting Australia.
  • Assisted with Rotary Water Website,  a project of Students at Monash University.
  • Development of a new water supply for a Children's Orphanage in India, which lost its underground supply when it became contaminated from the Tsunami.
  • Sponsored two students from Brentwood Secondary College to attend the Siemens Summer Science Program.
  • Sponsored two students from Wesley College to participate in Model United Nations Assembly.

2003 - 2004

  • President: Ian Parsons
  • Took part in Ambassadorial Student Exchange.
  • Commenced running Photography Courses.
  • Supported Used Stamp Collection.
  • The Club received the District Most Improved Bulletin Award.
  • Presented students at Clayton Primary School with Encouragement Awards.
  • Supported Southern Health Fun Run-Walk through Jells Park.
  • Supported Motor Neurone Society.
  • Entertained Group Study Exchange members from New Zealand.
  • Supported Rotary Water Program.
  • Received a Presidential Citation Award.

2002 - 2003

  • President: Graham Shaw
  • Participated in Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment, Camp Awakenings and Youth Exchange.
  • Participated in Youth Exchange, Group Study Exchange, Model United Nations Assembly and Ambassadorial Scholarships.
  • Assisted with water pipeline.
  • Assisted with water pumps in India.

2001 - 2002

  • President: John Smith.
  • Promoted and ran a series of four seminars on “Public Speaking and How To Run Effective Meetings”.
  • Breakfast meeting on Wednesday 12th September 2001 was a very sad occasion following the disaster in America a few hours earlier.
  • Sarah Bell, nominated by our club, was successful in being selected to visit the Netherlands as part of the Group Study Exchange Team.
  • Held sausage sizzles at Holmesglen Tafe Nursery every Sunday for sixteen weeks.
  • Dutch lunch as a going away party for the Group Study Exchange Team travelling to Holland.
  • Presented  Grade 6 student  at Mount View Primary School with a computer, printer and scanner –following his  cochlear implant
  • Numerous members attended the District Conference in Shepparton.
  • Participated in Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment, Camp Awakenings and Youth Exchange.

2000 - 2001

  • President: Chris Harris.
  • Supported “Australian Child Support Program”.
  • Assisted in sending representative to Canada to take part in a Post Trauma Suicide Counselling”Program.
  • Participated in the “Burnley Tunnel Walk”.
  • Participated in Youth Exchange, Group Study Exchange, Model United Nations Assembly and Ambassadorial Scholarships.
  • Participated in the Shine On Awards in Ballarat.

1999 - 2000

  • President: John Hocking
  • Cameron Dellar represented the Club on the GSE Team visiting District 1020 in Scotland and we hosted the Scottish Team whilst in Australia.
  • We assisted financially to the cost of surgery on a girl from Laos with facial deformities.
  • We established the Monash Central Branch of a new Probus Club within the City of Monash.
  • Strong attendance at the District Conferences in Adelaide.
  • We participated in a matching grant to build a water tank in Indonesia.
  • School Literacy Awards.
  • Contributed to Operation Livewire.
  • Nines – assisting Child and Family Care network to obtain computers.
  • Poverty Rise Organic Honey sales.

1998 - 1999

  • President: Megan Rothwell-Jones.
  • Participated in the Acquired Brain Injury Program.
  • Raised funds at the Police Academy Open Day by selling Devonshire Teas.
  • Hosted and convened the District Assembly for the incoming District Governor.
  • Participated in the Bali-Sanur Clean Water Project.
  • Raised funds for Interplast.
  • Hosted Japanese Exchange Student –Megumi Hirano.
  • Participated in Youth Exchange, Group Study Exchange, Ambassadorial Scholarships and Science Summer School.
  • Literacy and Citizenship Awards were presented.
  • Entertained the Group Study Exchange Team from District 50/50 USA/Canada.
  • Sponsored a team in the inaugural Model United Nations Assembly.
  • Safety Link Project – phones used by handicapped people.

1997 - 1998

  • President: Bob McLellan.
  • Assisted to meet the cost of a shelter for the homeless in India.
  • Hosted a Group Study Exhange Team from Sussex, UK.
  • Created a Peer Support Programme at Monash Secondary College.
  • Supported a student to attend the Rio Tinto National Youth Science Forum.
  • Presented Literacy Awards to Primary Schools.
  • Natysox Program for VCE Students.
  • Received a Presidential Citation for Community Projects.
  • Supported the Waverley Music Eisteddfod.
  • Supported the Red Shield Appeal.
  • Collected unwanted computer equipment for the Monash Secondary College.
  • Plant Sales.
  • Meeting venue chagned to the Police Academy, Glen Waverley.
  • Sponsored our first Probus Club.

1996 - 1997

  • President: Zeki Toral.
  • Gourmet Nights and Family BBQ.
  • Fund Razor Project in conjunction with Gillette Australia Pty Ltd.
  • Valuation Day.
  • Sponsorship of 3 students to Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment.
  • Christmas Card Sales.

1995 - 1996

  • Charter President: John Sgroi.
  • Toss the Coin Raffle at the AFL Grand Final.
  • Christmas Tree Sales.
  • Christmas Pudding and Cake Sales.
  • Joint participation in the Waverley Art Show.
  • Participation in the Monash Community Raffle.
  • Participation in the City of Monash Mayors Charity Golf Day.
  • Food Parcels for various Schools where children were going without breakfast.
  • Cents for the Shrine of Remembrance.
  • Supported “Donations in Kind” by collection of Medical Journals, School and Library Books.