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International Women's Day Business Breakfasts


In 1910 at the International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen an idea was tabled to hold an International Women's day where every year in every country there should be a celebration to push for the demands of women such as the right to work and vote and to end discrimination. International Women's Day is now celebrated globally each year on 8 March with organisations and governments holding a diverse range of activities and events to inspire and celebration women and their achievements. 

Rotary Club of Monash International Women's Day Business Breakfasts

In 2016 the Rotary Club of Monash held their inaugural International Women's Day Business Breakfast at the Waverley Golf Club where we heard from Anna Burke MP (Federal Member of Chisholm and Former Speaker of the House of Representatives), Sarah Wall (Former State Netball Player and Founder of Jeanieboy and NETFIT Netball) and Kathy Kaplan OAM (Founder and President of Impact for Women) who explored and provided tips on overcoming challenges currently facing women. All profits from the 2016 breakfast were donated to Impact for Women, a charity that supports women and families who have experienced family violence.
In 2017 the Rotary Club of Monash held their Second International Women's Day Business Breakfast at the Novotel Glen Waverley where we heard from Jessie Taylor (Human rights barrister and President of Liberty Victoria), Kath McCarthy (Cconsultant, Facilitator and Executive Coach and Psychologist) and Melissa Lewis (Personal Brand, Image and Empowerment Specialist and Founder of Style Confidante) who explored and provided tips on the topic: Confidence to Create Change. All profits from the 2017 breakfast were donated to Kara House, an organisation that encourages and empowers women to take control of their lives and works towards eradicating all forms of abuse perpetuated against women and children.

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