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Community Ice Forums

Ice is an illegal stimulant drug, crystal methamphetamine and is also known amongst names as crystal meth, glass and puff. Taking ice can result in permanent changes to the brain and results with takers suffering mental and physical health consequences.

In particular, ice can cause very rapid changes in personality in the user and lead rapidly to a destructive addiction. Violent, delusional and destructive behaviour is a particular issue with this drug as users come off highs. People around the users are hurt physically and emotionally, particularly people in the user’s family, who often live in fear and uncertainty day to day as to what might happen next.

Ice addicts often say that they wish they had never taken ice and their life prospects have been destroyed. It is not a drug worth taking - the downside is too serious and life changing. The good news is that help is available for users and their families and friends especially if the use is identified early. It is even better if people are dissuaded from trying it.

In recognition of the rise of drug offences in the City of Monash and need for education and support in our community, in 2015 we held our first community Ice Forum, 'When Ice Melts' in conjunction with the Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC). Speakers included members of the police clandestine laboratory squad, Eastern Health's crises team and recovering addicts. Support and information services and where people can go for help were available on the night from Monash Health, the City of Monash (Monashlink), and various agencies, who willingly participated.

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