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Presidents' Message

Presidents 2021-2022

We wish all of you a successful and exciting Rotary year. We would like to start with the vision statement of our Club. 

We strive to be a vibrant club, serving the community, locally and internationally.
We seek to build our membership based on diversity and age balance.
We aim to have fun.

We believe we should concentrate on the following main targets during this Rotary year: 

  • Retain our existing members.
  • Increase our membership by three.
  • Develop a regular source of income.
  • Develop a relevant presence on social media.

Membership retention has already started under the leadership of Ian Donald. 

To develop a regular source of income activities are also underway to start the “Rotary Club Monash Op Shop” under the leadership of John Sgroi. 

As in previous years it is likely that we will continue with our long standing projects such as:  Anzac Day Commemoration,  International Women’s Day Business Breakfast, and Pride of Workmanship Award. 

During the year we will continue our relationship with Powerhouse Neighbourhood House, and will seek to develop an association with one or more local schools. 

We will work together with Monash Rotaract Club to develop the “Elevate Monash” project to assist local small businesses. 

We will develop sustainability projects to improve the environment we are living in. 

Social programs like Trivia, Movie, and Theatre Nights, Hat Day, Hobbies Presentation and Wine Tasting Nights will strengthen our fellowship. 

In summary, we will serve our community, strengthen our fellowship, and have fun

Zeki Toral / Ted Manallack

Presidents - Rotary 2021-2022