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President's Message


Last Rotary year our Club celebrated its 25th birthday. We still have six active charter members, and five charter members still in close contact. 

For the first time in our Club's history we selected Presidents for the next two years before the end of the previous Rotary year: 

2021/2022: John Smith  

2022/2023: Goki Prasad

This gives us long term continuity and stability. 

Past President Gordon, myself, President Elect John, and President Nominee Goki have collectively worked on a Vision Statement and a Strategic Plan 2021- 2023 for our Club. 

Our Vision Statement is: 

"We are a vibrant club, serving the community, locally and internationally.
We seek to build our membership based on gender, ethnic and age balance.
We aim to have fun." 

This year we are aiming to have more emphasis on club members contributing to decision making and providing innovative ideas. 

We are going through different challenges due to the Covid crisis. Our club members have adjusted to this situation. We have continued our meetings online, and have developed projects in line with the restrictions; for example suppling dongles to financially disadvantaged students for remote learning. 

I wish all Rotarians an enjoyable Rotary year with lots of good projects and lots of fun.

Yours in Rotary

Zeki Toral

2020-21 President

Rotary Club of Monash Inc

Immediate Past Co-Presidents

The purpose of Rotary is to serve the community.

The concept of Rotary community service is to encourage individual members (‘Rotarians’) of Rotary Clubs to apply the ideal of service through their personal, business and community life and provide an opportunity to exemplify ‘Service Above Self’. The greatest strength of Rotary, and Rotary Clubs are its members. Their individual efforts and their unique qualities are considered, embraced and fostered. Consequently they make the most impact and so are responsible for Rotary being seen and known for making a difference in the world.

The power and impact of individual Rotarians and their networks coming together as a team can result in extraordinary actions to support our local, national and international communities. Rotarians experience opportunities, personal and professional development, networking, positive change and friendships.

The Rotary Club of Monash caters for the changing needs, desires and interests of society – for it is the members of society that make up the heart, blood and soul of Rotary. Together we take innovative and creative steps, whilst retaining the historical gems of what and how we do things, to ensure we remain an active, relevant and adaptable club within our changing society. We seek to strengthen the glue and core of our club through friendships and fellowship. Accordingly in 2019-2020 we have implemented a number of strategies to enrich our members’ Rotary experience and knowledge and to make Rotary more accessible to potential members, so we can all ultimately better serve our community. 

Please explore our website to see the various projects, activities and causes we are involved in and the benefits of membership. We always welcome new ideas and causes to support. 

The work we do is with the valuable support of our family and friends and in particular often through the assistance of partner organizations or sponsors which are listed on our website. 

May Rotary be your avenue of choice for service and the Rotary Club of Monash be your ‘home base’ for service through Rotary.

Yours in Rotary

Gordon Pyke and Sandra Pyke

2019-20 Co-Presidents

Rotary Club of Monash Inc